He’s right about this religion….

I don’t know much about this guy other than he is a British atheist and comedian.  I did view a couple of his other videos and I’m sure I wouldn’t agree much with him on most things……However, I think he is spot on in this video about Islam and the Fitna/LiveLeak issue this week. (I’ll post that later…I haven’t had a chance to this week).

Listen to it all…..he says what most people won’t about the “religion of peace”. 

(Hat tip: CDR Salamander)


One Response

  1. i like this guy a lot. i’ve seen some other of his clips – he’s, as the brits say, “spot on” about what even moderate islam is trying to do in europe, and that’s roll back civilization a thousand years. and if some of these closet moderate muslims don’t start stepping up soon and vocally denouncing islam’s militant arm, i’m going to take back the red carpet of pularistic tolerance i rolled out, shake the dust off my sandals, and … and … and…

    well, i won’t shut up, but still …

    mike rucker
    fairburn, georgia, usa

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