Obama – Anti-Military, Anti-Weapons, Anti-Iraq, and Anti-Security

In the words of Tammy Bruce, BELIEVE EVERY WORD HE SAYS! 

From her website:

The disarmament agenda he spews in this video is classic George Soros theory aimed at knocking America into a second-world country, putting us at grave risk to tyrannical regimes around the world. It is craven self-loathing, aimed at ending the future of our country, capitalism and liberty.

In the video below, Obama says he will end the War in Iraq, cut defense spending on weapons, and basically work to gut the military and put our national security in the toilet —- all of this in time when we need our defenses and our military most.

Obama’s lack of regard for defense; his naive belief that we can talk our way into the hearts of radical, rogue & nuclear nations; and his clamoring for a socialist system is downright stupid and scary.

His own words should be enough to scare any American away from checking or punching the line in November that reads Barack Hussein Obama.


4 Responses

  1. […] course, Obama told us before the election what he was going to do with our defenses, so this cut clearly is of his making and his […]

  2. […] Obama: Anti-Military, Anti-Weapons, Anti-Iraq and Anti-Security […]

  3. I think he is just being smart, who need handguns, when a baseball bat can do the trick! I bet if we gave our guys basebal bats out there, we would instill fear into the Taliban. I mean who doesn’t fear a solid Louisville Slugger.

  4. […] any American away from checking or punching the line in November that reads Barack Hussein Obama. https://sharprightturn.wordpress.com/…anti-security/ oh so the rest of the rant is not your words, makes […]

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