Abstinence causes STDs…..who knew?

Kate Walsh, formerly of Grey’s Anatomy, is apparently an expert on teaching children about sex…..and more than that, she thinks we can’t depend on parents and “private” groups to teach it either…..it must be taught by GOVERNMENT.

Interesting that she believes that, yet she also couldn’t say what the cost of such a program would be.

See the Breitbart video of her comments here.

But to point, I get very tired of hearing Hollywood has-beens, liberal media figures, and those on the left tell me that my child is not appropriately taught about sex unless my government does it for me.  And, worst of all that abstinence programs are to blame…..!

Last time I checked ….. NO ONE gets an STD –that’s Sexually Transmitted Disease– by NOT having sex?!?! 

What a crock…..it is people like Kate Walsh — performing in prime time TV shows and movies overflowing with sexual undertones (and blatant sex) — that blames those who believe in abstinence for the high rate of sex and STD’s among kids and teens. 

Here’s a thought—-instead of having sex on TV, how about showing a little modesty in your next show?  or, perhaps, a show theme hailing the virtues of saving yourself for that one true love and marriage? or, how about sticking to pure entertainment and let us parents teach our kids about sex when we are ready to instead of having to prematurely answer questions like “What are they doing on TV, mom?” — in prime time, no less?

Kate Walsh is on the board of Planned Parenthood, so I guess I should expect no less than this from her.

This is more arrogant drivel from the left.  Isn’t it ironic–the same people who believe, in the case of abortion, that the murder of your baby is a choice, believe that parents shouldn’t have a choice in how or when and by whom our children are taught about sex!


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  1. I think you may not realize that in the real world sadly many parents don’t educate their children about sex.

    Furthermore, while I have no problem with someone wanting to “save themselves” for marriage, the plain reality is kids being kids and hormones being hormones many will not.

    It’s for those kids that I feel it’s imperative that they get education about being responsible and careful from somewhere other than the streets. If their parents won’t tell them, then I have no problem with the schools stepping in to bridge this critical gap.

    While I agree that tv is sex obsessed, I think the bigger problem is that our culture is violence obsessed. Why so many gun deaths in our nation as compared to others?

    Could it be because we find it easier and more acceptable to explain away or have kids watch scenes of awful violence rather than humans expressing love?

    Tidewater Jackson

  2. Walsh is engaged in a societal undermining propaganda operation. Much like the Britney/Madonna kiss, the Hollywood Satanists wish to dumb down our culture and make us slaves to our libidos. The endgame is to destroy the nuclear family and the lifelong marital bond. They will not succeed.

  3. Tidewater Jackson,
    Thanks for commenting. I took a look at your blog, too. Although I am pretty sure we fall on the opposites sides of the political spectrum, I do like the humor on your blog and About Me page….you have a nice way of making the reading easy.
    Anyway, I do understand that lots of parents don’t do their jobs in many areas where their children are concerned. I just don’t believe my tax dollars should go to educate children about sex in ways that I don’t approve. I don’t believe in assuming “kids will be kids” and giving them a free pass to sexual freedom by leading them to believe that “protection” is the answer to everything.
    In addition, most people who speak of a liberal sex education program for kids, do not believe abstinence should be taught or they give lip service to that approach. I believe it should be first and foremost.
    Just because my kid wants to play in the street, doesn’t mean I should let them because “they’ll do it anyway”.
    As far as TV, I think the violence is also detrimental to kids. Also, “humans expressing love” is not what I think when I see most TV shows with sexual overtones. Many times it is showing sex (not love) in unhealthy ways: adultery, sex between unmarrieds, rape, etc. It is no better than the violence you mentioned and certainly not an alternative to it.

  4. I can understand why teenagers might want to abstain from sex.

    There is less value for abstinence the older one gets. An unplanned pregnancy is devastating at fifteen, but much less so at twenty-five.

    And at fifty-five, there is almost no chance of pregnancy.

    Teenagers have a life expectancy of many decades; STD’s can remain with them for the rest of their lives. Octogenarians do not have such a high life expectancy in any case.

    Furthermore, there is a cost to abstinence. People might think one is a freak, a weirdo, a loser, and (if a man) less of a man than other men.

  5. Condoms are a wonderful invention. let me give you an analogy that you can relate to. Abstinance only programs are like the Adam and Eve story. You tell someone not to do something, theyll do it anyways. Not only that, but you made it forbidden, making it even more desireable and therefore, people are more likely to do it. The Anti- Abortion crowd needs to understand that only so many sperm make it to fertilize the egg, and sometimes even then, a woman has a miscarriage.

  6. However, that doesnt make it ok for teenagers to breed like rabbits, and for people to use the just say no line to a REBELLIOUS teenager is naieve and ignorant. They will do what they want behind your backs, whether you like it or not, so it would be more responsible to teach them about birth control than be a total ass about the subject.

  7. Brianisha,
    I’m glad that our laws don’t follow your logic….if they did, we would just have to let people kill each other, rape each other, steal from each other…you name it.

    Because with your flawed and irresponsible logic, if we tell someone they can’t kill, of course they will do it every time…..so just tell them they can do it but make sure they kill them quickly so as not to cause suffering for the victim?!?!

    It is not more responsible to teach teenagers to have sex, but use birth control. It is more responsible to teach your children right and wrong. Of course, some teens will try to have sex as long as there are teenagers…..but that doesn’t mean we have to tell them it is OK and shirk our responsiblities as a parent.

    We didn’t have the teen pregnancy ( and other teen problems) in such a tremendous way before the 1960’s and 1970’s…….people before that time had a sense of responsiblity and common sense and sex was not splashed continously in front of children from the time they were five years old.

    Sure, there was some teen pregnancy and other issues, but not nearly in such prevalence as they are now.

    My point is that parenting, common sense, and right and wrong works most every time as proven in the early half of the 20th century……and not having sex works every time its tried to prevent pregnancy!

  8. You guys are awesome 🙂 keep up the good work.

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