Christians should forgive Obama–A voter shouldn’t

Good perspective from Confederate Yankee who attends a diverse congregation church.  I’ll let you read the post, “Barack’s Broad Brush”  for yourself (scroll down his blog page to find it),…..excerpts below:

I belong to a deliberately diverse church with a substantial African-American congregation and an African-American senior pastor that spends a considerable portion of her time in the pulpit. We are without a doubt a church with a lot of “dancing, clapping, screaming and shouting that may seem jarring to the untrained ear,” and we even occasionally have folks overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit fall out in the pews…

…And yet, somehow, we’ve kept from attacking other races or our country in the process.


Barack Obama seems content to tar all African-American churches with a wide brush in order to defend the failings of his own church, his pastor, and his own character.

As an individual Christian and a member of the body of Christ, I can forgive him.

As a voter, I don’t see why anyone should.


5 Responses

  1. As a voter, I see that.

  2. Good way to put it—kick him to the curb as far as “leadership”. Senate, too! If he can’t straighten out Wright while being close for 20 yrs, how’s he gonna help any of the rest of us? Good night, the man won’t even tell his groupies that he’s not Jesus!

    “Obscure passages in Romans?”

    “We’ll set up a kingdom right here on earth?” (paraphrased?)

    If you haven’t had a chance to read the doctrine of James Hal Cone (liberation theology ‘founder’), who Wright said in an interview he follows, that tells us a lot.

    I am choking that some say his speech should be ttaught in schools—Why? To indoctrinate a new generation?

    Great blog! Found you b/c we posted ‘gay happenings/ different stories at the same time! Cool!

  3. Wordforit
    Thanks for posting….always glad to know there is someone else in the blogosphere with similar views….Best wishes.

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