“Change” I can believe in: New “Hope” for Republicans!?

The glimmer of hope for Republicans that Jonah Goldberg describes in his latest piece became a bit wider with the release (finally) of the Rev. Wright’s divisive sermons.  Certainly it is too soon to “count our chicken’s before they are hatched”…..but there exists a much brighter chance than Republicans thought they had 2 months ago. 

With Hillary trying to steal victory from defeat and Obama’s mask finally being peeled away….the proven moderate-vote-getter McCain stands a real chance to win the general election. 

Read the article….here’s a few bits and pieces from it:

Despite all of this, the Democrats are poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with the gravity-defying artistry of an acrobat clutching the trapeze bar at the last possible moment.

Here’s how failure might gloriously unfold. Hillary Clinton is losing the formal contest for the Democratic nomination. But in the contest of wills between Barack Obama and Clinton, she is clearly the more formidable opponent. G. Gordon Liddy, Nixon’s famous gladiator, would hold his arm over a candle flame until his skin blackened, such was his unflinching will. Clinton is the Nixonian in the race (“Nixon in a pantsuit,” as some call her). She will hold her hand over the proverbial flame not only until her flesh is singed, but until her whole party burns to the ground.


And therein lies the ray of sunshine piercing the darkness for Republicans. If Clinton keeps this going to the convention, the nomination will largely be left to the whims of the party hackocracy. Clinton most likely cannot catch up in either the popular vote or in the normal delegate count. But she can certainly win by skullduggery and intimidation.

and finally…..

 No one knows what will actually happen. But for the first time in a while, Republicans have reason to hope that the gleam of light on the horizon might — just might — be a new dawn and not an oncoming train. 


2 Responses

  1. If any readers of this blog are Catholic, aren’t you just a little disappointed in McCain accepting an endorsement by a man who rants and raves againsts Catholics and the Church as the Whore of Babylon? Because if you aren’t, you ought to be.

  2. 1dumblonde,
    I agree that a candidate, to some degree, can’t fully control who endorses them…Obama said something very similar to that, in error,about his own pastor….I do think the principle applies more closely to McCain and Hagee.
    Don’t kid yourself that the situations are the same….McCain has not been sitting in Hagee’s congregration for 20 years and then claim he didn’t know how Hagee stands on the issues! While I disagree with the Catholic remarks, they are a far cry from the racist and anti-American rants of the Reverend Wright.

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