Wright is Wrong

Well, our buddy, Jeremiah Wright’s comments are finally reaching some mainstream media!  As I blogged about earlier, Jeremiah Wright has been the pastor that Barack Obama has looked up to for 20 years—-his mentor, his spiritual leader, his guide, and now, as it turns out, Wright is now on Obama’s campaign in an “honorary” role!

Barack has repeatedly played up his “Christianity” and downplayed questionable comments made by his spiritual mentor Wright !  Well, now you can see for yourself the divisive and racist diatribe that passes for Christianity in Obama’s world:

 A few things come to my mind when I watched this man speak and heard his words:

  • How does this kind of racist sermon count as Christianity?  God said love your neighbor as yourself….but  it appears the “Black Value System” (which is included in Wright’s church doctrine) trumps Christ’s Value System.
  • In a time when “Church and State Separatists” are trying to strip away the “tax-exempt” status of churches for preaching the gospel as it relates to politically incorrect views on abortion, homosexuality, abstinence,  gay marriage, etc.—how has Wright gotten away with “political” speech at his podium and kept a tax-exempt status?  (This is a separate issue from the current IRS investigation of Wright’s church–that investigation stems from a speech made by Obama at the church’s annual meeting in 2007 after becoming a presidential candidate)
  • What will Wright have to preach about if Barack Obama becomes President?  The country will no longer be run by a “rich, white man”.
  • If Barack chooses Hillary as running mate and they win, I guess he could play with her mind a little…..have her all dressed and ready to go in her latest pantsuit, tell her the Limo will arrive soon….when it does, just let it whirl right past her.  
  • If Geraldine Ferraro has to resign from Hillary’s campaign for saying that Barack Obama basically wouldn’t be winning the race if he was white, then how does Obama get a pass on keeping Jeremiah Wright involved in his campaign? 

Now think about the people who have inspired you in your life—-many people will list teachers, parents, pastors, and others.   There are those who can inspire even though they are in your life for a short time (teachers), those who are in your life always (parents), and those in your life for a long time (Pastors).    You didn’t necessarily pick your teachers, you certainly didn’t have a choice in who your parents are, but you did have free choice as to who your pastor is/was!  

That one basic fact tells me a whole lot about Barack Obama…..he’s been at this church for 20 years, trusted and loved this pastor enough to have Wright perform his marriage and baptize his children, and calls him his mentor, spiritual leader, friend—you name it.    You don’t attend a church for 20 years and put that much trust in a pastor that you don’t agree with at least most of the time!

Obama and some in the mainstream media are trying to portray a picture —- Obama can’t control who endorses him or speaks in support of him, therefore “Wright’s views are his own” and Obama can’t control them.

In light of these Wright videos available for the world to see, that “dog don’t hunt” anymore.   Obama willingly stayed at this church and remained close to this minister for 20 years.  Watch the video again….if you really didn’t agree with what that pastor was saying could you sit there every Sunday for 20 years? (by my calculations, you have listened to this guy preach around 1000 times in 20 years).

Let’s just pretend that Wright’s views are not Obama’s views (as Obama would like you to think)….well after 1000 lengthy, enthusiastic tirades/sermons on the Black Value System, taxi cabs, Black Jesus, how Bill Clinton “Lewinskied” the blacks, blaming America for 9/11, and “Rich, White Man Bad” you would either be crazy or start to believe it……which is it Obama?


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  1. I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

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  3. I have some serious concerns about Obama now…Wright is his mentor for over twenty years. Does Obama think like him?

  4. “Audacity to Hope” delivered by Jeremiah Wright

  5. Wow! This isn’t going to help Barry very much. I wonder what the folks over at the DNC are thinking?

    This dude is waaaaay out there on the fringe. Unless you are out there with him, you will see it whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever. Most of what he said in those videos is indefensible if you have anything close to mainstream view. Some of it was just flat out factually wrong. It’s sad that many of his parishioners appear to actually buy into what he’s saying. I guess it now makes sense that Michelle Obama says what she does. Her views simply echo her pastor.

    You’re spot on regarding people’s choice in picking their church. Barry has frequently spoken about his long-standing identification with his “Christian” church. Most people might disagree with their church at some point on doctrine, events, or how much money to spend on a new building. I don’t see how ANYONE who talks of hope and optimism the way Barry does could sit through one of Rev Wright’s diatribes without thinking, “this guy’s crazy…I’m outta here”!

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