…more McCain perspective

Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online also has a pretty good piece about McCain and the seemingly free ride he gets from conservatives (at least those conservatives with the microphones).  You can view his article, “Your Speech or Your Life“, but I have included a couple of excerpts that frame his points:

Still, the scrutiny of the pro-life movement has been understandably intense, and the mayor has not been the only candidate under the microscope………This is as it should be. In the conservative firmament, the centrality of life’s sanctity endures. But it’s got me wondering: There is only one candidate on the GOP side who has, in just the last few months and years, vigorously worked to defeat pro-life forces and frustrate the only policies that have a chance to reduce abortions; yet, conservatives have given him a total pass.

His name is John McCain.

and the million dollar question:

This is not something that happened 10, 20 or 30 years ago. It reflects who the Senator is today. For another Republican presidential candidate, such a performance would be disqualifying. Why has McCain gotten away with it?

And last, one of his worst “accomplishments” with far-reaching impact……and it still makes my blood boil to think about it today:

For in the interim, while Republicans still controlled the Senate in 2006, McCain led a bipartisan “Gang of 14” which, at the eleventh hour, prevented the Senate from repealing its filibuster rule in the confirmation context. As a result, many of the conservative Bush appointees never got confirmed.

Worse still, in the subsequent midterm election, control of the Senate shifted to the Democrats — with whom McCain constantly brags of his willingness to collaborate. With the Judiciary Committee now in Democrat hands, Bush judicial nominations have stalled. Vacancies on the top courts mount. Largely thanks to McCain, the Left now has its ideal scenario: the ability to drag its feet until after the 2008 election, after which a President Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama can fill those openings and dramatically move the federal courts in the direction of abortion rights and sundry “progressive” pieties.


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