Evil – Well Defined

This post by CDR Salamander actually refers to an HIV-positive chaplain in the Navy who apparently has some pretty sordid pastimes.  That, in and of itself, is appalling and eye-opening because he was able to do do all of the acts for which he is charged, while remaining in the Navy….no-less carrying around HIV while in the Navy!

What I do like best, however, is how “Salamander” portrays evil:

…….evil exists in this world; that evil stalks each man’s weakness for a way to angle in and use your weakness to destroy you and those around you. If you truly don’t think that evil exists, you are blind. If you don’t think lust, selfishness, and lack of self-control feeds evil – you are delusional….


Just another reminder that evil waits, patiently. He will never make you do anything, but if you open a door or don’t secure yourself, he will walk right in and take over your life. He will invite you to destroy yourself with your own hand and show you the easiest way to do it. He will use you as an instrument to open other people’s doors, and loosen their fortifications. It is his nature. It is his job.

Now I may be looking at his statements in a different way than maybe he meant it, but it reminds me of so many things going on in our country right now….and many things that have transpired over the years.  Think about these parts of what he wrote: “Not securing yourself”, “loosen their fortications”, and “he (evil) will walk right in and take over your life”.

Now….Think about how we have allowed what some could call “small concessions” or “progressive steps forward” and how they have or are quickly taking over our life and country…..  abortion, so-called separation of church and state, “gay (special) rights”, abortion, euthanasia, sex-ed, divorce, moral relativism, and the list goes on…..

Evil hovers around and within each of those areas…..I would argue that evil is definitely”walking right in” and taking over “parts of our life and country”!


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