Why couldn’t American mainstream press write something like this?

Albeit a subjective piece, this article from Britain’s Telegraph.co.uk is fun to read because it tells the story about what non-elites in America think about the next Presidential election….it is interesting to see the perspective from the outside looking in….and from what I can tell, it is mostly correct and probably does sum up what the “heartland” thinks about the upcoming election and other issues….

His description of the Heartland:

They call it flyover country. These are the parts of the United States that the pundits and prognosticators of American politics see just occasionally – and usually from several thousand feet. It is a land where people shop at Wal-Mart, eat at Dairy Queen, work two jobs to make ends meet and have a Bible at home. They can decide on their vote with the help of talk radio, cable television and the internet – or from a combination of rumour, scraps of hard information and gut feeling.

Now that is the America I know and love but ignored by most elites and politicians!

The article is a fun read….partly because it points out that most Americans they talked to, did not have a lot of love for the Clintons, particulary Hillary….

…..Mrs Clinton might be the frontrunner in the polls, but almost everywhere we went people questioned her candidacy…..


…..While we found many people who hated Mrs Clinton, those who loved her were few and far between…….

and, further,

Although Mr Clinton is no longer the villain he was for many in the late 1990s, there was precious little evidence of nostalgia for the Clinton years – another alarm bell for the Hillary campaign.

 And it is telling because any big American newspaper (New York Times, etc.) might take the same trek across America for a story, but would never bring themselves to print the unfavorable results for Hillary!

Read it here.


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