What I am thankful for….

It occurred to me that it never hurts to write down those things that you are thankful for.  I started this blog to “vent” about so many “wrongs” in this world…but maybe just this once I will “vent” about all that is right and I am thankful for…..in no particular order:

My children – I waited 36 long years for kids…yearning makes the heart appreciate it more when you get it!

My husband – I waited 35 years for him.  I am lucky and I think he is lucky…I hope 🙂  He cooks and cleans and is the envy of the neighborhood women.

My parents – They are still alive and in decent health, thankfully, and the two people I owe the most in this life.

My siblings – For all of the little inside jokes for which only we know the meaning–“Moose”, Christmas Candle Kit, Gac, Jeanie, Smother Die and the list goes on—-and for knowing they are the 3 people I know will always be on my side in life.


My nephews, nieces and extended family – It has been fun to watch their journey from the time I got to spoil them, through school, sports, college, marriages, jobs, careers, etc…..great kids.

Friends I have known through the years but have not seen in months or years (you know who you are — From New York to Switzerland to California to Texas to Louisiana and many other places)

For trips to many different places in the world

The Lord God

Family Roots


George W. Bush

The little special things – like my oldest daughter lost her first tooth tonight.  I thought to myself tonight, “Wasn’t it just yesterday she was cutting those same teeth?” UGH…time flies.

Antique Stores



Little White Doughnuts

The Sooners of Oklahoma – BOOMER SOONER!

I know there a lots of other things….but you get the gist…..Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. You were doing fine until you added “W”

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