This doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me…

HOLLYWEIRD on strike!  Oh no….it can’t be…..See story in USA TODAY..

 Somehow I don’t think I will even notice!  There is not a lot worth watching as it is.

Some excerpts and my thoughts:

“Daytime soap operas would run out of scripts in January”

–  What!?!?!… more of a recovered alcoholic brother who just escaped from prison sleeping with the friend of his late wife’s sister’s mother?  It can’t be….(tee hee)

“Late-night talk shows….. will be the first to feel the effects, going into reruns immediately. The next victims will be daytime talk-shows and soap operas”

– So long Leno, Letterman, and, hopefully, The View…none of which represent MY POINT OF VIEW!

 “And a walkout would have a huge ripple effect on the Los Angeles economy” .

… How can that be?…Shouldn’t the illegals be offered the chance to do the work that “Americans won’t do”? ….  I can see new shows now… For instance Veintecuatro (Instead of “24”),  LOST in the system (instead of LOST),  Desperado ama de casa and their maids (instead of  Desperate Housewives)…and the list could go on and on.

 Another excerpt:

A strike would interrupt development of new series for next season, extending its impact.

Sounds like a great opportunity to hire some conservative writers for a change… that would have IMPACT!


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