Kudos to these Oklahoma Lawmakers…

I had read a couple of weeks ago about an Oklahoma Lawmaker who refused a copy of the Quran that had an Oklahoma Centenial logo placed on the front.  It was given to he and many other lawmakers as a gift from the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council.  

(Apparently this council was begun  through an Executive Order by Oklahoma’s Governor Brad Henry, a Democrat.  This council is all Muslim and apparently a far cry from representing an array of ethnic backgrounds  The order even states that this council is to be “made up of from five to 15 representatives of Ethnic American of the Middle East/Near East Community of the state of Oklahoma”)

Anyway, the gist of the story is this lawmaker (Rep. Rex Duncan) and over 30 other Republican lawmakers refused their copy of the Quran from this group.  Rep. Duncan sited the following reason:

“Most Oklahomans do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of theology.” 

Rep. Duncan believes he speaks for many other people…..I know he speaks for at least one…ME! (and most likely millions of others)

 You can read the latest article about this Quran giveaway at: 


Several other lawmakers and Muslim excusers have whined about how disrepectful and backwards is this rejection of the Quran.   This article does cite that the “The Oklahoma Baptist Convention gave centennial copies of the Bible to legislators last spring; no lawmaker refused those.”  I guess this is supposed to show some kind of hate or racism on the part of those who accepted the Bible and refused the Quran? 

Well, last time I checked we do have a nation founded on a freedom of religion…..oh, of course until Christmas time when our goverment-run schools can only have “holiday” programs and “winter vacations”, or when a class valedictorian can’t pray in the name of God in a school gym, or when the Ten Commandments are not allowed on a court room wall….. 

 I guess we only have freedom of religion when we are given a Quran from a Government-ordained group (likely run with taxpayer dollars) that happens to be all-Muslim.  We MUST accept this book of “peace” lest we offend this religious group.

The double standard approach to the Muslim world vs. Christians by appeasers and “progressives” is astounding!

 While there are many things that could be written about how warped this “Quran Giveaway” is—-by just skimming the surface of this “in your face” attempt, a few pertinent questions do come to mind:

1) If the Governor started this “Ethnic American Advisory Council (GEAAC)”, is it supported by tax dollars?  I may have the answer to this from Batesline Blog… He writes:

Ms. Thornton is Brenda C. Thornton, director of the Office of Personnel Management’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Workforce Diversity, a public employee assigned to support the efforts of the GEAAC as part of her taxpayer-funded duties.

2) Why not name the council what it is?  Something like: Ethnic Americans of the Middle East/Near East Descent Advisory Council?  Could it be we need a name that masks the real make-up and focus of this group?

3) If these Qurans were provided through private gift money and not tax dollars, who were the donors?

4) Why does it seem the members of this council have only one thing in common–Islam?  If it is an “ethnic” council why does it have a membership solely based on the RELIGION of Islam?  More insight from Batesline Blog:

But every public action this council has taken so far has concerned the Islamic faith — encouraging schools to grant excused absences for Muslim holy days, asking for rebuttal time on OETA to the PBS series “America at a Crossroads” because, according to the council’s chairman, “we thought there were a couple of segments that did not put Islam in a positive light,” and now passing out Qurans at the state legislature. While those actions would be reasonable for a private organization representing Oklahoma Muslims, they don’t suggest a government-sponsored council seeking to represent the diversity of religions in the Middle East.

5) Is it just me, or does the Oklahoma Centennial logo on the front of a Quran just seem a little (no, a LOT) missplaced?

6) If the Oklahoma Baptist Convention did give out Bibles, so what?  Last time I looked, the Oklahoma Baptist Convention was not ordained by Governor Henry nor does it accept tax dollars for such a gift!

The real issue is not the refusal of these Qurans which was the right of these lawmakers….the issue is why this all-Muslim group was formed and who pays for it? 

Oklahomans should be outraged…and it seems there is more splainin’ to do from the Governor’s mansion!

FYI–I ran across a local blogger, Batesline, who has made some great points about this whole thing…You can read some of his writing through these links:




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