New Term of the Day – “Blue Dress Democrat”

You’ve heard of Blue Dog Democrats, right?  Well, I ran across a new type of Democrat in an article by Lorie Byrd at ….the “Blue Dress Democrat” .

Jack Kemp at The American Thinker recently said the following about a comment he read at, “You’ve heard of Blue Dog Democrats? Now we have Clinton-supporting Blue Dress (of Monica Lewinsky fame) Democrats who will vote for Hillary and the return of Bubba to power.”

Or in summary–

Defintion of Blue Dress Democrats – Those Democrats partial to stained blue dresses and the power of Bubba!

Love it! 


2 Responses

  1. […] course, I guess this means there will be interns in blue dresses allowed again into the White House……I bet she gets tired of cleaning up after […]

  2. […] Clinton-inspired, Blue Dress Democratic style is so not vogue now, but darn practical for all of those evenings with the interns, I tell […]

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