Fox Sports Tebow Man-Crush

Ok…hand it to Florida…they eeked out the win… (I say that through clinched teeth)

But did the announcers on Fox Sports have a HUGE man-crush on Tebow or what?

Me? I had to turn on the mute because I was afraid the level of love-gushing about Tebow may require an R rating or something at some point….my kids were in the room :)

Top 5 in all-time great football players?  HELLO???  He’s good, but I think that is a stretch.

Anyway, Sooners lose the big one again…crap!  Is there any type of BCS award for most BCS National Title games lost in a decade?


Obama gives speech on economy while overriding tradition and that theory of “one President at a time”

Ha…Obama you funny man…..No talking about supporting Israel’s defense and Hamas…but give him a stage for Socialist ideas before inauguration and he’ll forgo that whole  “one President at a time thing”!

Anyway, he gave a speech on the economy today which in summary told us (my paraphrase):

The traditional free market is the cause of our evils and ONLY government can fix this problem…

Never mind that he is 180 degrees off in his assessment…my thought?

Government CAUSED this mess and only the FREE MARKET will get us out.

Democrats pushing loans for those who couldn’t afford them, run away spending by BOTH parties, dumbing down of America, and welfare dependency promoted by liberals are BIG reasons why we are in this mess.

A bloated, exponentially growing government is not the answer.  Obama’s solution for tax cuts (that are really welfare credits) to those who don’t even pay taxes, huge government-controlled industries, and creating 600,000 GOVERNMENT jobs does fulfill Obama and the Democrat’s Socialist dreams….but does nothing for our economy, America’s free markets, and democracy.

And by the way, where are the Republicans on this whole pork-by-nature welfare Socialism bailout plan proposed by Obama? 

Do the Republicans understand that you can have TWO PARTIES working at the same time? 

Republicans seem to be largely MIA so far, or afraid of racism charges if they criticize “The One”.

Just as I’m writing, I see John Boehner just started talking about Obama’s speech on the economy….

Funny how all Boehner basically conveyed is an idea of the spending THAT IS MISSING in the plan (albeit some important spending on Iraq and Afghanistan) and how we need to talk about how HIGH we can go with spending….

(I am banging my head on the wall)….where is the rebuttal to tax cuts that are really welfare credits?  where is the rebuttal to Obama’s accusations that America has done everything wrong up to now? (ie. Obama does not believe in a free market and democracy)

Senator Mitch McConnell talking about working with Obama on the plan and says Obama wants to include Republican ideas….(yea, right)….that must be why he has to label welfare as TAX CUTS to lure in the Republicans, otherwise they may not want to play.

At least McConnell did make these two statements in favor of some amount of rational thought:

  • reduce middle class tax rate to 10% down from 25%
  • make money doled out to states a loan instead of a grant

Anxiety medications will be big business and the drug-of-choice for the next 4 years.

UPDATE 1/8/09 : as quoted at Ace of Spades:

If spending were the key to prosperity, given all the increased spending the federal government has been doing over the last few years, especially over the last year, shouldn’t we be rolling in the rainbows and unicorns by now?

Another Thought, Another Outrageous Muslim tradition

Just previous to this post, I wrote about the Muslim martyrdom holiday Ashura…clearly barbaric, backwards, psychotic behavior.

I found this morning a reference to the genital “circumcision” performed on very young Kurdish Muslim girls.  (this practice is common in many African areas, but also has a presence in the Muslim culture outside of Africa)

Michelle Malkin references this atrocious act:

A Muslim mother in Iraq lures her seven-year-old into a female genital circumcision by lying to her about a “party.” A half-dozen other girls are also tricked. The Washington Post documented the torment.

Go here. But not if you have a queasy stomach or a weak heart.

The mother of 7-year-old Sheelan’s parting thought?

“We don’t know why we do it, but we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it.”

An epigram that explains a lot of barbaric behavior these days. Year. Centuries.

If you have a strong stomach, you can click on the link in Malkin’s thoughts above for pictures of the 7-year old’s experience.  I looked, but had a nauseated feeling after reviewing.

One thought I did have when looking at the face of that little girl (God Bless Her!) is how traumatic an experience this is for a 7-year old girl, especially when she was lied to in order to have this procedure performed on her as a surprise….Seems this tradition is self-perpetuating…would we really expect these subservient women to change anything when they learned not to trust and were treated in this way at such a young age?

Perhaps the word “circumcision” is used in order to neutralize the painful, abusive act upon young girls.  The results and premise of this torture are not even close to the reasons and outcome of a male circumcision…thus whyI believe they use that word for a softer presentation of the abusive procedure.  This procedure is  really genital mutilation and is about female control buy elder males….that is apparent in the quote above by the Iraqi woman.

Just another example of outrageous and barbaric behavior from some in the “religion of peace” that seems to be ignored by many in our country …and who don’t want to face the dangers of a growing and expanding radical Muslim population who believes and behaves as outlined in this and my previous post.

An irony pointed out by one of Malkin’s commenters:

MUSLIMS practice FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) for the same reason they strap bombs to themselves, and set them off in a crowd… The ELDERS tell them to… The same ELDERS who when confronted with JUSTICE will use the garb of WOMEN to escape to the hills…

Cowardly, Dictating, Hateful, Psychotic Barbarians….that is our enemy.

Thought for the Day

Who can honestly believe the Muslim world wishes for anything other than annihilation of Israel and the West?

For one thing, they are pretty open in communicating their interest in seeking bloodshed and death to Israel and across the Western World….

But just from a practical standpoint, how can anyone expect valid negotiations and peaceful co-existence with people who do this to THEMSELVES at least one day a year?

A peek into Islam’s Martyrdom Holiday, Ashura.  Ashura marks the Shiite Muslims commemoration of the 7th century killing of their most revered Saint Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, a symbol of martyrdom for Shiites (hat tip to Sweetness & Light):


Afghan Shiites flagellate themselves with knives during the Ashura procession in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009.

Shi’ite Muslims gash their heads with blades during a ceremony marking Ashura in Nabatieh, south Lebanon, January 7, 2009.

Shi’ite Muslims gash their heads with blades during a ceremony marking Ashura in Nabatieh, south Lebanon, January 7, 2009.












And let’s not forget what they do to THEIR OWN CHILDREN!

A Shi’ite Muslim taps the head of a baby with a razor to draw blood during a ceremony marking Ashura in Nabatieh, south Lebanon, January 7, 2009.

A Shi’ite Muslim taps the head of a baby with a razor to draw blood during a ceremony marking Ashura in Nabatieh, south Lebanon, January 7, 2009.


 I pray for that baby…those pictures are heartbreaking and just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure!

In a rational human environment, this behavior is considered psychotic, better known as a “loss of contact with reality”. 
These people are convinced to do this to THEMSELVES…imagine what they have been taught that YOU deserve…and what they’d do if given the chance!
We need to know what we are up against and these pictures tell a huge story!  (And it is something the Main Stream Media will not be informing you about any time soon.)

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